“Good Glendale Body Shop” should be a choice made by prior experience and comparison IF possible.

This blog lesson is to teach and help you how to deal with auto body shops. First, we will start with finding and choosing a good fit for you locally. 

The truth is, if  you’ve already had prior experience, then the odds are you would Not be searching unless that shop was no longer a viable choice.

Ultimately, your historical  experience  and knowledge would be your best guide, but that’s not always an option if you moved or your insurance company has somehow managed to intimidate you into going to one of their preferred body shops that gives only “Them” auto body discounts as part of Their “Deal”

As part of educating yourself, you could take advantage of others previous experience to be found on sites that publish body shop reviews like Yelp.

As an expert on the Best Phoenix and Best Glendale Body shops over the last 40 years, I strongly suggest doing your online homework first.

Unless you have been trained as a body man or Insurance appraiser / adjuster, you’re going to have to take some time to actually educate yourself  about quality body shops by actually making the calls to interview the auto body shops you feel are worthy of  your trust and business.

My best recommendation is to pick  from your top three (3) choices of body shops near you and START with the LOWEST auto body shop review ratings.
Whether it’s Google reviews or Yelp reviews, usually  a five (5) star rating is considered a top rated body shop.

Ask the questions that are most important to you. If low cost is your primary focus, ask the shop what is their lowest cost to you for auto body repair that includes a full collision or auto body shop warranty.  “Hint”, try not to negotiate quality out of the repair while lowering the price.
Follow up with the #2 body shop using the experience and Knowledge you just picked up from the first collision shop.

Here is the #1 tip and recommendation, make sure you Go To The Auto Body Shop so they can give you an honest and Free estimate.

This is key to getting the best choice and best deal from a body shop near you.  Save the best for last and use your new information, knowledge and skills to get good quality auto body or collision repair. Request the highest quality paint and parts that fit in your budget or final price.

If you want a GREAT body shop deal , ask if they will waive, pay, discount or save on your deductible and give you the same full warranty / guarantee.

By using these time tested methods, strategies, homework/ legwork, tips. skills and tactics, you will get Phoenix Body shops, Glendale Body Shops or Peoria Body shops to educate, help and give you their very best in quality and deals.

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Posted by BestDealAuto on October 22, 2019