When to choose a Good Quality Body Shop Nearby over the Best Body Shop Around.

Here is a tip and recommendation. When most of the damage to your vehicle involves parts only, it’s best to choose the nearest Good Quality Body Shop to you. 

If you have a car or truck that only requires simple auto body or collision repair, it will be better and faster to choose a body shop with great reviews and reputation that will keep a simple easy repair, simple, easy and low priced.

If you choose the best quality body shop close by, you may have chosen a shop that will escalate the repair into a complicated overpriced, time sucking pain If you are paying the cost out of pocket, that is Not what you want.

Here is an example. You come out from a grocery store or from shopping and notice your grille and headlights are smashed in.

Now you have to find a body shop that does good body work you can trust at a fair or reasonable price. The idea is to get low priced auto body repair from an
affordable high-quality body shop, so you can avoid making a claim. You may be shocked at the free estimates for just replacing a grille and a couple head lights.

If you drive a high-end car or truck like Audi, BMW, Genesis, Lexus, Mercedes and some Infiniti & VW’s. Head lights can cost up to $3000 EACH!
The grilles with sonar or radar can cost $1500 and just the emblem can cost $500.00. Pickup trucks are not far behind.

How much a body shop charges can vary greatly. Body shop labor rates are primarily dictated by Insurance companies.

 If you choose the wrong shop that writes by an attitude Toward You or for themselves, you can expect the most expensive body shop prices. They will charge you retail or in order to make the most money and elevate their reputation for overcharging the ignorant or arrogant customers that mistakenly believe that the more it cost ,the better the auto body or collision repair will be…Not! 

They consider themselves the best body shop close by, by playing the customers egos. High quality paint and body parts cost about the same. What differs is the discount the body shop gets and how much it costs to run the shop.

If you want to experience what I’m talking about, just go to a store and see what the person who checks out in front of you pays for the same exact item that you pay 3 times more for, the only difference is they shopped better AND understood the value of what they were paying for. For those who don’t know this, stupid is expensive.

Again, if the collision repair or auto body repair requires mostly parts, it’s best to choose from Good Affordable Body Shops Near You. For higher end cars and trucks, if painting is involved, you should make sure you check their body shop reviews to make your best decision.

The goal is to pick the closest body shop that gives you the highest quality auto body repair for an inexpensive or lowest price you can afford from a top rated body shop..

The Ultimate savings is when a body shop known for Good Quality Repairs will give you insurance discounts that can be used to upgrade insurance quality parts or
be used to waive, pay or save on your deductible. That’s not only good, it’s the Best Deal any Body shop can offer.

Another tip: always take your vehicle into the shop for the estimate. Don’t get suckered by a used car salesman type estimator and leave you vehicle there.

Go to the shop that had the auto body shop reviews nearest you that you trust. Now that you experienced the other two body shops, you’ll be educated and can now compare them to a Good Quality Body Shop nearest you. You have effectively saved the best for last and made a Great choice of body shops.

Posted by BestDealAuto on October 2, 2019