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    Best Deal Auto Body has provided Phoenix, Glendale, AZ & West Valley with High Quality collision repair and low cost auto body shops services since 2000!

    Do you want high quality auto body collision repair and your deductible paid, waived, or saved on as a bonus from a top auto body repair shop in Glendale, AZ serving the Phoenix metro area?

    At Best Deal Auto Body our technicians are ASE certified and I-Car certified.

    No one wakes up with an auto collision on their agenda. Auto collisions are inconvenient at the very least. Let us take the hassle out of the accident. We believe in treating the customer first.

    Then call Best Deal Auto Body and you get a professional body shop to waive your deducible in Glendale, AZ serving the entire Phoenix metro area.

    Your Vehicle Deserves Local Professional Auto Body and Auto Paint Services With Quality You Can Trust

    Best Deal Auto Body has been serving Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Peoria since 2000.

    Our local auto body & collision repair shop understands the frustrations with your accident which is why we even PAY YOUR INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE FOR YOU.

    Our shop in Glendale, AZ not only prides itself in our expert foreign and domestic collision repair services, but also our excellent customer service.

    At Best Deal Auto Body, our auto body repair techs understand that accidents and collision repair can be a cause of great stress.

    We are here to help you along the process working with you and your insurance company to get your vehicle back on the road, quickly and as safe as its pre-collision condition.


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    Phoenix & Glendale, AZ Collision Repair & Auto Body Shop

      • Auto Body
      • Collision Repair
      • Paint Repairs
      • Alignments
      • Dent Repair
      • Dent Removal
      • Full Frame Straightening
      • Welding
      • Scratch Removal
      • Windshield Replacement
      • Paintless Dent Repair
      • Frame Work
      • Hail Damages
      • Bumper Repair
      • And Much More!

  • Our Services - BEST DEAL AUTO BODY - The Waive Your Deductible Body Shop!

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You're looking around for a local auto body shop close to your home or work, but maybe the most impressive auto body shop reviews nearest you belong to an auto body shop in a different nearby town or city. What do you do?

Your first consideration may be how close the body shop is to you because you mistakenly believe they're all about the same... right? BIG mistake, especially if you've been given a list of local auto body collision repair choices by your (or an) insurance company.

As much as they want you to believe they're giving you the best auto body shop choices around, they're only doing it to get you into the closest auto body shop they control for their interest only... to save the insurance company money.

If you want a high-quality auto body repair shop, you may find that the best auto body shop near you may be up to 20 miles or more from your home. Here's what I suggest you do, after reading their auto body shop reviews and making sure they have earned their high rating for collision repair, call them and ask them to give you their best deal due to the distance from their shop.

See, if they are willing to tow the vehicle in (at no cost to you) or make arrangements to have their staff pick it up or give you some type of cash consideration in exchange. You can even tell them that IF/When they do a good job and you are the type of customer that writes reviews, that you will mention their willingness to work with you in addition to their great auto body collision repair.

Since auto body shop's locations are generally dictated by city zoning, you'll find that the highest concentration of body shops around are all in/about the same area and usually not next to dense residential neighborhoods

So, what "close to your home or work" the auto body shop is to you means is completely up to you.

Here is a simple "how to" guide for you to consider: (assuming a high-quality auto body shop close by is what you want).


  • "Closest" Auto Body shop Near you would be right next door or within 1 mile.
  • "Close" or Auto Body Shops Near you would be within 3 to 5 miles.
  • Auto Body Shops "Around" your area, would be approximately 5 to 10 miles.
  • High Quality auto body shops may be in a Nearby town or city with a higher population (20+ Miles) Remember to ask for a deal due to distance.
  • Low price auto body repair or low-cost auto body repair / body shops near you are the easiest to find, but you Must check their "auto body shop near me reviews".

The cheapest auto body shops near you may not be good body shops or the best body shop nearby for your needs. Make sure they're at least a "good" cheap auto body shop & definitely choose the best cheap auto body shop nearest to you.

If you don't care about high quality auto body repair, (as you should) then just type in "auto body shop near me" and look for the words "cheapest", lowest priced, lowest cost or discount, but be prepared to be disappointed if you don't give them some strict guidelines, expectations and ask about any negative reviews (if any).

IF they give you fair warning about what you can expect for the money you want to spend...Listen to them!! Always consider the tradeoff in quality. Your Choice!

Regardless of how "close" the best body shops around are to you, the absolute best situation is to get a high quality, high rated auto body shop that waives, pays your deductible, or saves on it with a guarantee of savings and quality.

"Auto Body Shop Near me" search will yield the best results when you include the word "reviews" in your search i.e.: Auto body shop near me "reviews". Make sure body shop reviews you read inspire you & match the top qualities you expect.

Call us with any questions, we deal with all Insurance companies and situations regarding, quality, price, distance, and auto body service near you.

Best Deal Auto Body is a high-quality auto body shop that waives, pays your deductible or saves on it guaranteed.

We serve the towns and cities near you. Body Shops in Glendale - Body Shops in Phoenix.

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