Very often the first question people ask  is “how do you save my deductible”, or how much of my deductible can you save. The truth is No Body Shop Can “Save Your Deductible”, because the Insurance company has already taken it before you ever get the check. 

The Real question should be how much of my deductible can or are you willing to forgive or discount making what I owe you… less and affordable. 

You will read or hear from body shops that run from the ranges of Greedy, Ignorant, Misinformed or just Angry acting as if they are Attorneys or experts in something they can’t or don’t do or know how to do it without cheating, lying or losing money.

Rather than read a real Insurance Industry attorney’s opinion, they choose to scare you away from saving your money so you will spend it in Their shop. Most often it’s from arrogant auto body shops or Insurance shops that give  discounts to Insurance companies instead of you. 

Yes they do give discounts, but just Not to you!. Furthermore, it’s not a crime to not pay your deductible if the shop accepts less or nothing. So that you don’t get fooled by their scare tactics and or buy into “we’re superior to all others because we charge more”, You will be educated by a veteran insurance adjuster, senior appraiser, body shop manager and body shop partner/ owner. 

You’ll be taught and educated with the truth through lessons, advice, recommendations AUTO BODY INDUSTRY ATTORNEY DECISION THAT IT’S 100% LEGAL and …

YOU MUST REMEMBER. the more accident related damage we find, the more you save, the better the repair and quicker!.

LESSON #1: ABOUT “SAVING” YOUR DEDUCTIBLE. When a deductible is involved, so is an insurance company. Most if Not All insurance companies have or hire an appraiser or staff member to write an estimate on their behalf. 

Rarely do they take a body shops estimate without review or question. Any collision repair shops that tell you they can “overwrite an estimate just to “cover your deductible, is …probably off their medication or seriously needs some. 

Truth is, those shops that overcharge have a love hate relationship with Insurance companies and the fight is due to them overcharging and resenting being regulated or having to negotiate at all.

 Truly they are the number one reason why appraisers exist today. In days gone past , shops tried to get away with “cheating”, but now-a-days, most independent shops take the insurance estimate and then  work with the insurance company by proving what else has to be added, called supplements.

LESSON #2: HIGHER THAN NECESSARY  ESTIMATE QUOTES: Don’t waste time getting 3 Three of the highest estimates you can find. As said before, they Will be reviewed and adjusted. If You want to pay the difference you can BUT…

When you  choose a shop that gives you their discounts on parts and concessions other preferred shops only give to Insurance companies, you can apply those savings to upgraded parts  to higher quality than your policy allows.

LESSON #3: USING CHEAPER/ AFTERMARKET OR LKQ PARTS: First of all, your policy is the decider of if or when these parts can be used / allowed. The most the body shop can do is negotiate better terms for cash or find better supplier contacts.

It’s up to the body shop to  accept only the highest quality auto body parts available no matter if they are aftermarket or Like Kind and Quality. It’s best for all involved.

LESSON #4: CUTTING CORNERS: Usually, it’s the Insurance company that trims back on repair procedures.A Good High Quality Body Shop will be able make their case and fix it right.

 If the body shop only wants to repair it right ONCE, it’s Always better to Know how or if it’s ok to repair or replace. Most times the appraiser will go with the a repair IF he believes the shop has the personnel , training and experience to handle it. 

In higher end  or all “attitude” shops they favor replace over repair for their own reasons of cycle control and profit incentives.You are simply a means to an end. So they say pay up and shut-up.

In the average good quality body shops, they assume and expect the appraiser to come back for a re-inspection if a supplement is requested. They don’t like to be fooled or cheated. A good working relationship that includes ethics and trust helps everyone.

Quality Body shops do not have to cut corners throughout the repair process to lower the cost by parts , quality or skipping certain repair practices or procedures. This doesn’t have to be an issue if they can show what’s in the paint cabinet and provide the proper invoices or proof.

 There is “some” profit in just about every step.So the better the vehicle is repaired adds up in your favor by quality AND discounts. Bring your vehicle in for proper-professional examination.

LESSON #5  IGNORING HIDDEN DAMAGES: is stupid and unethical. It’s stupid because it leaves a body shop 100% liable. Whats more is, on every insurance estimate , they explain that it’s un-necessary because they will consider a legitimate supported supplement. 

It’s Always better to repair your vehicle safely AND get paid for it. It’s a No Brainer. Most times, the repair Will take longer depending on how long it takes the appraiser to get back out and what day of the week he or she gets there. We can have your rental time extended through documentation when needed.

LESSON #6:  TIP – RECOMMENDATION & ADVICE: Ask about their Guarantee/ Warranty first and get it in writing so there’s no misunderstandings or hurt feelings later.
Check their body shop reviews, are they close enough to you for your needs or will the value make it worthwhile. take your vehicle in for the best deal and don’t fall for sleazy salesman tactics

SAVING YOUR DEDUCTIBLE ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS: If you have any of the following questions about insurance claims or deductible Please call, we have answer to all of them;


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Call now. Make sure you bring your vehicle in.
Remember the more accident related damage we find, the more you save, the better the repair and quicker!
We’re Not “Cheap”, We Make High Quality VERY Affordable through waiving ,paying, discounting or “saving” your deductible.

Posted by BestDealAuto on November 12, 2019