The Auto Body Shop Phoenix or Auto Body Shop Glendale or an Auto body shop close by / near you may ultimately come down to your budget, deductible  and affordability.

Those top 3 body shop decisions will decide if you are choosing from a cheap / low cost auto body shop or the best cheap / low cost body shop near you.

No matter how you come to your decision of a local body shop, you should always choose the best you can afford. When looking at cheap body shops, one must consider what the word “cheap” means to you and them.

To you it may simply mean low price or cost and what you can afford out of pocket. You may be assuming that all collision repairs will be about the same in quality. The body shop may be thinking you want it done just enough to function as close to pre-accident or make it ready to sell immediately.

Your mistake is not being 100% clear about your expectations for the cost/price. If you want good quality auto body repair, it’s best to focus on your deductible and allowing your insurance company worry about the price and your policy about the quality of parts.

The best way to go is to get the most you can get for the  repair price/cost you can afford. Our suggestion is to find a top rated highly reviewed body shop that can negotiate that for you and is willing to save your deductible up to the amount that still allows them to provide a good quality or high quality repair.

The “Sweet Spot” in auto body collision repair cost is “Good Enough Auto Body / Collision Repair”. This means the average vehicle owner/buyer cannot tell it was repaired and that all safety and operating systems work correctly as designed. Any body shop that boasts they are of the “Highest Quality” probably means they are expecting to charge you whatever they “feel” and take advantage of your ignorance and fear.

There are repair and safety guidelines that all quality body shops will do their best to adhere to, but are limited by what your policy allows and who the insurance appraiser is.

What is recommended if you are seeking a high quality auto body shop near you that fully warranties your collision repair, is one that works with your insurance company and also works with you to save on , waive or pay/ save your deductible. In order to get the highest quality parts and the best auto body paint, just offer to pay your full deductible in exchange for upgraded paint or new / OEM parts. This way it’s an even better win /win for both.

“Saving your deductible” is actually a misleading term. Auto body shops can offer to “Not Charge You” your full deductible, which basically means they “Pay Your Deductible Up  to 100” out of their profits.This is the best option you can get from a body shop near by.

Any auto body shop near you can choose to offer this save your deductible option to you, but most simply don’t think you are worth it and are solely focused on using your misfortune to their benefit.

No matter how much is labor at a body shop (“Snooty” types), you’ll find they pay their body men and staff almost exactly the same rates as all other local auto body shops. Don’t fall for the dog & pony show.

If you are wondering do body shops do free estimates, the answer is yes. It is suggested you do your research on their reviews and reputation first. After that, list them from least likely to your best choice. Go to or call the least likely body shop first, then end up at the best or top rated shop last and ask them to write your estimate. The shop will take you seriously and you will get the best deal from a shop that wants to seriously work with you on your budget, cost/price, deductible and high quality auto body collision repair.

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Posted by BestDealAuto on January 6, 2020