BODY SHOPS are auto repair facilities that perform various types of collision damage or auto body repair to cars and trucks. Their primary work comes from insurance related accidents involving collisions,This does include some limited mechanical repairs mostly to air bags, steering and suspension parts.

Although generally not regulated by the state they operate in, there are certain requirements you the consumer should look for. Technical Auto body training, certifications and hands on training should be reviewed or discussed when choosing
the best option.

Basic Repair equipment like frame racks, mig & tig welders, A/C equipment, paint booths and prep stalls-are the foundation of a car body shop and responsibility of the owner operator.

Scan tools and other specialty tools can be provided to or by the shop or body man. In general the technician stocks his tool box with the basics for collision repair tools accumulated over year of experience. Cost for Sand paper, fillers “Bondo” and various shop supplies can be negotiated at the time of hire.

Suspension/ front end alignments, window tinting,painted pin striping, graphics upholstery and paint less dent repair (PDR) can either be sent out or in this case done “in house” by our specialists.

Painters supply their own favorite brand of spray guns and work with the body shop about the types and volume of paint supplies, materials and safety suits.

When repairing high quality vehicle like Audi,Acura,BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti,Subaru and Pickup trucks it’s important to know what they need and what You expect too. That’s where any good body shop stands out.

Free estimates are provided by 99% of body shops in your area. It is the estimators job to thoroughly evaluate your damages and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. Whether you go to get an insurance estimate prior to choosing a body shop near you,make sure to stop by their collision center and get a feel for who you’re about to hire.

A search for their online reviews should always be a part of your research and due diligence.Make sure to talk about any conditions, time constraints or limits up front.
Do you need a loaner car or rental. When do you pay your deductible?, Do they waive deductibles or give any discounts or pay a referral fee for you choosing them.

Take a slow walk around your vehicle when you drop it off to make sure of it’s condition at that time or ,if the insurance company may be paying your rental, ask about some extra low price auto body repair on those scratches, nicks or dings

How much does auto body repair cost. Good Question. It depends on how hard the hit, how much of the vehicle is damaged and your insurance policy.
It’s important to allow the shop to work with your insurance company at the shop. that’s where the real answers are found and the real cost gets agreed on.

The average damage repair time is between 5- to 7 days depending on if your insurance company is responsive and timely.
The size of the body shop is only an issue if your vehicle is expected to be there for more than 60 days.That kind of time indicates some severe damages and moving and storing your vehicle daily may become a challenge.

A body shop is much much more than a building filled with auto body repair equipment, repairmen and painters.

When done right, it’s a valuable resource for expert collision /auto body repair, a protective safety valve between you and the insurance company
and a good partner to give you peace of mind when your life is turned upside down. Call Now

Posted by BestDealAuto on June 19, 2019