These are most often the words you use to start looking for auto body repair or collision repair in Glendale.

First you should really know there is a difference between auto body repair which is usually limited to cosmetic repairs like scratches, minor dents, dings, hail damage or paint jobs.

Collision repair is just what it sounds like, your vehicle has collided with something and could involve frame straightening, pulling or unibody repair and suspension damage.

If you have an Acura, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Infinity/Infiniti or import vehicle that has a lot of sensors, you’ll want a Body Shop Glendale that has the training to handle your repair.

Having a higher end vehicle will almost always have higher costs and involve your insurance company.

DO NOT let them Bully you into a Local body shop they prefer that gives them your Referral Discounts.

You Can Enjoy those savings by choosing your own collision repair shop that waives your deductible.

When searching, try using your zip code like 85308, 85310, 85306, 85053, 85027, 85304, 85306 etc 

If you choose by carefully reading their body shop reviews near you, you can eliminate mistakes and receive the same and Better quality with more options and perks than they can even begin to offer.


When beginning your search, you’ll probably want to choose from a body shop in Glendale that’s near your home or work. Try using zip codes like 85301, 85302, 85303, 85031, 85033, 85019, 85051

You get a body shop in Glendale near you that provides professional auto body repair at a fair price. Be careful of shops that trade quality for price, you deserve both.

So, what are your best choices for auto body shops in Glendale? We find that it boils down to your budget and requirements for levels of quality collision or auto body repair.

Most shops are grouped close to each other by Glendale AZ zoning rules.

So, with that known, you’ll want to know where the high-end body shops are as opposed to where to find low price auto body repair in Glendale. Well… Not so simple. Continue reading.


FACT: Every Auto Body Shop negotiates for the best deal they can get on Everything they buy. BUT they think you shouldn’t… WHAT!??

The most important thing is for you to decide if you are going through insurance or not. They will not give you a break for using their body shops, We DO!

If it’s going to be out of pocket cash price, the best way to choose is to actually use the words you think about in your search.

Instead of looking for low price auto body repair, try adding words like Inexpensive, affordable low price or cheap. Be careful to make sure what you mean and what the body shop means when using those words. INSTEAD, ask if they pay save or can waive your deductible or upgrade parts.

To sum it up, you have some of the best Auto Body Shops in AZ right here near you in Glendale.

Glendale Az body shops pass on their savings and discounts due to lower prices and cost of overhead compared to Phoenix Az body shops Nearby.

 Take advantage of high end, high quality or low-price auto body repair in Glendale/Glendale Az. Call Now for Quality AND Savings.602-497-3006

Posted by BestDealAuto on March 18, 2019