Best Auto Body Shops Near Me -Vs- Good Auto Body Shops Near Me

Should I choose from the best auto body shops near me or good auto body shops near me?

It really comes down to your needs, wants, money and quality.

First, there’s the need to match what the body shop offers and can do to your expectations.

When searching for the “best” body shops near you, the keyword is “best”. Just what is it that makes them one of the “best” body shops near you. Is it their attention to detail and service backed up by their best auto body shop reviews?

Maybe it’s just their reputation and branding, you know, the “familiarity” factor. Could it be their specialization in the kind of vehicle you drive.

No matter which of these motivates you to finally choose them, the word “best” could mean their prices or attitude takes them out of the running. If you’re paying out of pocket, you don’t want to overpay for “attitude”.

If it’s simple auto body repair that takes the same process to achieve, like replacing a bumper cover, you could definitely get charged more because of their internal policies and attitude.

What do I mean by internal policies and attitude? Let’s say they have decided they will only use brand new “OEM” parts and will not consider any other viable options. Depending on where/ who they buy from, that cost is covered by you even though a better deal could be found with a little thought and effort on their part.

If they’ve fallen into a rut and pattern of only one way or the highway, you may get the quality auto body repair you’re looking for, but not at the best price. If asked, they will let you know, their job is not to give you the best auto body repair price… that’s your job. Theirs is to protect their brand and squeeze every penny out of you they can.

This is where you should consider choosing from “good” auto body shops near me. Good body shops near you are customer focused and earning their top rating as one of the best body shops near you.

The difference is they are still relying on meeting your needs and beating out the attitude of the best body shops near you.

What’s more is they are more flexible and aware of more options and techniques that can make it possible to provide high quality low price auto body repair.

If someone else is paying for your auto body collision repair like an insurance company, then the rules change. When the Insurance company gets involved, they will try to take control and “steer” you to the best auto body shop near you that is best for… them.

Although when they are hiring their “preferred” auto body shops, they
prefer that you go to a good body shop nearby. They too know it’s the shops that are flexible and innovative that give the best prices and know how to “shop out” parts and materials that achieve the quality set out.

Just a reminder though. Insurance companies’ idea of good quality auto body shops near you are Not the same as your idea of a high-quality body shop near you.

Their standard is minimal complaints, (when they make the shop use the cheapest “acceptable” parts), quick cycle time (in & out time) and the  lowest labor contract and discounts and concessions to them… Not you.

The goal of either the “best body shops near me” or “good body shops near me” is to be found and chosen when you search for the “highest rated body shops near me”.

Being one of the top-rated body shops nearby, can only be achieved by earning the best body shop reviews, respect and loyalty of customers that put their hope, faith, money, and trust into the best auto body shop near them.

Posted by BestDealAuto on May 2, 2018