There are certain requirements all people that have been involved in a collision or in need of auto body repair really want from a body shop nearby.

Depending on your level of prior experience(if any) you’re just not sure which auto body shop is the best choice or that you can trust.

Here are the top 3 ultimate considerations.
#1: The level of quality repair acceptable to you.
#2: How near the auto body shop is to you.
#3: How much it will cost you or how much is your deductible.

The order of priority is totally up to you, but all three have to be considered. I’ll go into some details to help you choose the right auto body shop you can trust by quality,cost, nearby or all 3.

Quality of auto body repair is sometimes hard to determine prior to the final results,but you can start by their body shop reviews. Google uses a 5 point scoring system so you can instantly see how close to the top score they are.

They also include a helpful guide in their maps section showing the address and website and will (sometimes) include a small label that says ” top rated” body shops. High quality collision repair or auto body repair comes from the shops commitment to it, training, equipment and quality of materials used.

Auto body shops “Near You” is really up “to you” to decide. Is the closest collision repair shop  nearby in Phoenix or Glendale the best choice?.
The insurance company will try to get you to go a body shop they will save money in and is near you by city or zip code. 

This does Not mean that those repair shops are the best for your needs. It would be wiser to go to the shop “near-est” you with the best overall qualifications or meets you needs.

The high or low cost of auto body repair or collision repair only begins with the initial estimate from them or your insurance company. The differences in price or cost is between which one writes the estimate. If you are using your insurance, your cost will be your deductible.

 In Insurance controlled body shops,you MUST pay your deductible to their “preferred” auto body shop. By choosing from an INDEPENDENT auto body shop Phoenix or auto body collision repair Glendale, you can have them Waive, Pay, Discount or Save on Deductible.

Please understand,  auto body shops that waive deductibles do not save money by over-billing your insurance company, they do not! If you read otherwise, that shop is doing it All wrong!

The best auto body shops in Phoenix in Glendale, Mesa,Peoria do Not over-bill or cheat the insurance companies… so do not ask them to unless you would ask them to cheat you.
Choose a local Phoenix auto body or collision repair shop that works With your insurance company, has excellent reviews and can waive, pay, discount or save on your deductible.

That way you have found a body shop you can trust in Phoenix or Glendale that can deliver the best high quality auto body collision repairs at the lowest cost to you.

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Posted by BestDealAuto on July 20, 2020