Auto Body Shops in Glendale – Facts & Myths

AUTO BODY SHOPS IN GLENDALE deal with a lot of stressed out people involved in a collision. It’s not only the collision damage to your vehicle, it’s the tricky business of Insurance claims too.

Ok, here’s the problem, the first thing you hear is the propaganda from the insurance company trying to save money by steering you in one way or another.

They want to get you worried about choosing from Auto Body Shops in Glendale on your own. It’s their way of controlling you, but they only catch the suckers.

The Myth is that Glendale auto body shops, when compared to Phoenix body shops… there’s big a difference…Nope.

The only difference is location. Many in not all body shops in Glendale steal auto body techs from body shops in Phoenix on a regular basis. There is no such thing as a “Glendale collision tech or a Phoenix Collision tech.


Fact: Body shops in Glendale tend to be a little more customer focused and flexible. Phoenix auto body shops have a more competition and higher bills, but both need the same high-level training to repair the same high end, high quality vehicles. No matter if you live in Phoenix or Glendale, your investment in your car or truck and appearance still interests you the same and you won’t settle for less than the best auto body repair… period.

Regarding Body Shops in Phoenix, one would think it’s better to have so many choices, but the opposite is true. The higher number of choices may overwhelm you and make you choose from the first three body shops in Phoenix you find.

The problem with that is, those top 3 body shops may not or may be the best match for your needs, but they change by Googles ranking or “algorithms”.

Focusing on Glendale Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az, shows you the results of about 10-15 results no matter how you search.

The Best Body Shop Reviews is your next level. Take time to really read the
body shops reviews and the reply or feedback from the manager / owners. Put yourself in the place of the reviewer. Is that the kind of outcome you want too, do you get the idea that you’re important and taken seriously.

LOW PRICE AUTO BODY REPAIR may be your first concern, but the quality of the auto body collision repair will the first thing you complain or brag about… not the lowest price. The lowest price is fine if from a good quality body shop.

Auto Body Shops Glendale Az can offer lower priced auto body repair, because lower cost auto body repair is achieved through the Body Shops lower operating cost overall. Overhead in Glendale body shop “Az”, is just cheaper.

The auto body materials & paint are not cheap, but they DEFINITELY have the advantage in cheapest operating cost for auto body collision repair in Az.

GLENDALE AUTO BODY GLENDALE AZ is the sure-fire way to make sure you are getting the best results for the best choices of body shops near you in Glendale Az.

AUTO BODY SHOP GLENDALE AZ is good too. You still get the local body shops willing to deliver good quality auto body repair, but the list is usually of the older auto body shops in Glendale that may be more “branded”, but it’s the ” giant killers” that offer the best deals. Just make sure to read their real
auto body shop reviews.

Posted by BestDealAuto on April 2, 2018