Auto Body Shop Glendale AZ -Vs- Glendale Auto Body Glendale AZ

Google will definitely show you different results depending on how you start your search. For example, if you are completely clueless as to the names of any auto body shops in Glendale, you might start your search with “body shops in Glendale” without Az included.

Although Google will already have your location, your search will include some results of body shops in “Glendale”…CA. Because of those inclusions, you have reduced your chance of finding the best choices of Glendale AZ body shops or a Glendale Collision Center.

Choosing by generic rather than specific in your search can literally cost you hundreds if not thousands if not thought through. A generic search for auto body shop Glendale Az will usually have some of the older body shops in the area closest to the “established” city center of Glendale Az originally zoned for Auto Body collision repair.

In comparison, a search for Glendale AZ Auto Body Shop will lead you to an auto body shop that has adopted the name as their legal identity or DBA. In that case, you would most likely find an “exact” match for only one collision repair shop that has that name in its title … again limiting your choices. Ask Google for more, be  specific, type / ask for what you really want.


In order to “drill down” to a custom match for the best body shop in Glendale AZ that meets all your needs, consider adding a “qualifier” to get your best results. In surfing terms, a qualifier will be the word you lead your search with…like good, best, inexpensive, affordable, or quality.

As an example, one could begin with “good” followed by “auto body shop Glendale AZ”.

Another could be, “best” auto body shop in Glendale. Although the results will be slightly different, your overall desire for a better than average local shop will be closer. The other consideration should be what the qualifying word means to you.

When you think “best” auto body shop, do you mean by level of quality, price, service or reputation… or all of the above.

Location is another qualifying factor for many people. If you specifically want a Glendale “AZ” Auto Body Shop, that search term will yield all Glendale “AZ” body shop results.

By including words like “near me” or “nearby” or even zip code after your main search term, you can whittle down the choices even more.

To sum it up, think about what kind of auto body shop you want or expect.

Start by what you feel is the most important quality in a Glendale AZ Auto Body Shop.

Next, use a “qualifier” to narrow down the choices.

By using these methods you’ll select the auto body shop Glendale AZ that best meets your needs for a Glendale AZ auto body shop.

Posted by BestDealAuto on February 20, 2018